The Benefits of Sustainable Food Chains

  • Future Proof your business and create a foundation on which to build greater consumer trust
  • Basis for sustainable competitive advantage in a new era
  • Reduce risk and make the business more resilient to price volatility, shortages, and food scares
  • Security of supply and quality leading to improved availability
  • Marketing opportunity to support a brand or capture new business
  • Greater transparency leading to greater understanding of the food chain and associated costs creating greater resilience
  • Businesses with sustainable supply chains are more attractive to customers, more attractive to suppliers and more investable

What do we mean by “Sustainable Food Chains?
  • Maintain a balance between the needs of profit, people and planet
  • Profit to re-invest and confidence in future leading to investment and improvement in efficiencies
  • Working environment where people are happy, respected, treated fairly, and able to develop
  • Impact of activity on the environment minimised by optimising the use of scarce resources& reduction of waste
  • Marketing opportunity to support a brand or capture new business
  • Security of supply improving raw material availability at a fair price

How we can help your Business

The Sustainable Food Chain Team has the knowledge, network and expertise to deliver:

  • Sustainable strategy development
  • Create sustainable business plans
  • Reviewing existing supply chains – supply chain audits
  • Identify and implement new sustainable supply chains and facilitate change
  • Reduce input buying costs
  • Improve supply efficiencies & reduce waste
  • Sophisticated cost models to create transparency, improved market intelligence and as a basis for long term contracts/relationships
  • Reconciliation of antagonistic supply chains or restructuring where necessary
  • Business development
  • Training for supply chain partners, stake holders and key employees